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Every child should be able to attend school free of oral pain
Every Child Should Be Able to Attend School Free of Pain
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The Arizona Dental Foundation keeps Arizona smiling by providing charitable dentistry to children, seniors, and individuals with a special need. We do this by mobilizing volunteers; identifying and linking resources; and providing educational opportunities for dental professionals. Volunteer at ACDC

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You don’t have to be a dental professional to improve the oral health of Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens. We offer a variety of ways to donate.

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The Arizona Dental Foundation provides almost $1 million in free dental care every year on an operating budget of just over one-quarter that amount. Give through us by volunteering or supporting a FUNdraising event in your community.

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Rebuilding Healthy Lives - Arizona Community Dental ClinicThe “Rebuilding Healthy Lives” campaign provides support for quality dental equipment, necessary renovations, and operations that are critical to creating and sustaining a permanent dental home for vulnerable citizens.

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If you are seeking dental treatment, but do not have the resources to pay full-price at a private practice, follow the link below to find community clinics close to you. Make sure to call ahead of time to see if you qualify for services.
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Click the button below if you live in the Phoenix-Metro area and are experiencing a dental emergency without resources to pay for an extraction or filling.

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Arizona dentists believe in the importance of good dental care and volunteer to provide services to those unable to afford care.

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The check is good! SmartPractice Dental presents a $33,000 check to the Arizona Dental Foundation representing the proceeds of the 2014 SmartScramble to support Give Kids a Smile. A big thank you to all the staff at SmartPractice who work so hard to ensure the success of the SmartScramble and ultimately reduce oral pain in underserved children statewide.
Pictured (L-R): Ginger Froncek, ADF Executive Director; Dan Nahom, SmartPractice CFO; Dr. Mike Smith, ADF Chair; Anna Schreier, SmartPractice; and Fred Heppner and Dr. Michael Thompson, ADF Board of Directors.

Jul 23rd 9:52pm • 1 Comment


The check is good! SmartPractice presents a $33,000 check to the Arizona Dental Foundation representing the...
- Wednesday Jul 23 - 9:52pm