Donated Dental Services

Arizona dentists recognize that sometimes life situations interfere with your ability to obtain basic dental care. So they routinely volunteer to provide comprehensive dental services at no charge to seniors, individuals with a special need, or those who are medically compromised and have no other means to afford dental treatment.

This program is ideal for residents outside the Phoenix Metro area and who are unable to access the Arizona Community Dental Clinic.  Because of the extensive screening process, please understand that this program cannot respond to emergency requests. Upon receipt, your application will be placed on our waiting list. Be patient; waiting lists in some areas may exceed three years. The referral coordinator will contact you when your application comes up for review.

If you or someone you know is eligible to apply for DDS services (must be 65+ or SSDI), download the application and mail to:

Donated Dental Services
Arizona Dental Foundation
3193 N Drinkwater
Scottsdale, AZ 85251-6491

To leave a message for the DDS Coordinator, call
480-850-1474 or 1-866-340-4337